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Carrotmob to create summer camp scholarship for kids

18 Reasons to Fight Childhood Obesity

Buy a $50 membership to 18 Reasons and they’ll devote 100% of the proceeds to create an at-risk youth scholarship program to All Plant Parts, a healthy eating summer camp in partnership with Slow Food San Francisco.
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About All Plant Parts Summer Camp

18 Reasons and Sanchez Elementary School are excited to partner on All Plant Parts Cooking and Gardening Summer Camp. Perfect for the budding farmer and chef, the camp will focus on the science and art of growing and cooking edible plants. We will start with seeds and roots, make our way up stems and then out to leaves and flowers. Each day campers will get their hands dirty both in the garden and the kitchen, and use lessons from both to make their snack and lunch. That means all food is included at camp! All Plant Parts is part of an on-going relationship between 18 Reasons, The Sanchez School, and Slow Food San Francisco. Together we are teaching kids how to enjoy growing, cooking, and eating healthy and delicious food. For more information, please e-mail 18 Reasons at: info@18reasons.org.

About the scholarships

18 Reasons will devote the proceeds from the Carrotmob campaign to create up to 4 scholarships for low-income kids. Any proceeds raised beyond 4 scholarships will cover camp programming costs like ingredients and teachers fees.

18 Reasons Membership

By joining 18 Reasons as a member, you actively support this vibrant neighborhood center for food and art. Members receive invitations to special events at the gallery, discounts on classes, and a warm, fuzzy feeling. Additionally, members receive the following one-time discounts from local businesses:

- Free rental at Fayes Video
- Free single scoop at Bi-Rite Creamery
- $5 Gift card to Bi-Rite Market
- 10% of all purchases at Dolores Park Café
- $5 off a pizza at Pizzeria Delfina
- $5 gift card at Tartine Bakery
- 10% off one purchase at Omnivore Books
- 10% off one purchase at Pot & Pantry

Buying Membership Vouchers

You can buy as many membership vouchers as you like. Upon purchase, you will be asked to enter additional membership information in a online form managed by 18 Reasons. You can purchase a membership voucher as a gift - simply specify that the membership voucher is a gift on the online form. Memberships are for one year only and may be renewed through 18 Reasons. For any additional questions, please contact Carrotmob at: support@carrotmob.org.

About 18 Reasons
Meet 18 Reasons, Bi-Rite Market’s community food space to learn, think, and do, a few feet down 18th Street from Bi-Rite. 18 Reasons is an innovative community space that hosts wine and food tastings, skills classes, gallery openings, and expert sessions with food industry professionals. Membership gives you access to classes like:

- Beer Lab: Homebrew and Beyond
- Cultured Creams: Cheesemaking 101
- Japanese Farm Food
- The New Persian Kitchen: Seasonal Cooking from Iran with Louisa Shafia

plus the following perks:

- Gift cards to Bi-Rite Market plus a free scoop at Bi-Rite Creamery
- Gift cards to Pizzeria Delfina & Tartine Bakery
- 10% off at Dolores Park Café, Omnivore Books, and Pot & Pantry
- A free rental at Faye's Video Store

Membership is AWESOME - just check out these Yelp Reviewers! And now, with the help of Carrotmob, membership is about to get a lot more rewarding….

Proper nutrition is essential to children's development, advancement, and good grades in school. And with obesity at an all time high amongst lower income students, the need for proper nutrition education is immense. Carrotmob is teaming up with 18 Reasons to teach kids about healthy eating!

When you purchase a membership, 100% of all proceeds (yes, you read that right! 100%!) will go towards funding and expanding a scholarship program for Cooking and Gardening Summer Camp: All Plant Parts. The scholarship will assist at-risk and low income students who want to attend the camp to help them understand the value of proper nutrition and learn to create healthy meals. All Plant Parts is an interactive program for kids focusing on the science and art of growing and cooking edible plants. Each day campers will get their hands dirty both in the garden and the kitchen, and use lessons from both to make their snack and lunch. All Plant Parts is a partnership of 18 Reasons, the Sanchez School, and the Slow Food Movement. With the help of Carrotmob, we can empower everyone, regardless of background and financial ability, to learn the importance of eating well.

Join us for an optional Carrotmob event at 18th Hour!, an evening with music, art, bites and drinks on Thursday, April 4th from 6pm-10pm.

Learn more. E-mail 18 Reasons directly at: info@18reasons.org

3674 18th Street
San Francisco, CA

Take BART to 16th St, or MUNI lines 33, 14, 49, or 22. Or bike! :).
Campaign ended
This campaign has ended successfully!
What is Carrotmob?
In a Carrotmob campaign, a group of people offers to spend their money to support a business, and in return the business agrees to make an improvement that we care about. We are called Carrotmob because we use the "carrot" instead of the "stick." Traditionally, people who wanted to influence businesses would threaten or attack them. We believe people can have more influence on businesses by giving them a positive incentive to change: our money.
How many vouchers can I buy?
The sky’s the limit. Buy as many vouchers as you like!
Will my voucher expire?
Your voucher never expires, you can redeem it any time. It’s that easy!
What is 18 Reasons?
18 Reasons is Bi-Rite Market’s community food space to learn, think, and do on 18th Street. 18 Reasons hosts member exclusive events such as wine and food tastings, gallery openings, and skills classes. Learn more here.
Is 18 Reasons any good?
These Yelp reviewers seem to think so. And so does Carrotmob staff. 18th Hour on Thursday nights are a staff favorite!
What is Membership?
18 Reasons membership gives you access to a whole host of benefits and activities including wine and food tastings, skills classes, and local business discounts. Learn more here.
How do I become a member?
Once you have bought a voucher, you will automatically become a member and be contacted by 18 Reasons with all of your membership goodies! It’s that easy!

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