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'Round the Troops: Dallas is Getting Mobbed


IF we show up for food and drinks at La Grange


THEN they will reinvest 81.5% of OUR spending on lighting upgrades and waste diversion projects.

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13 Oct 2010
05:00PM - 11:30PM


La Grange (Map)
2704 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75226, USA

Organized by Sarah Beth Zisa

Eat. Drink. Save the world. Your tab (81% of it) goes to improving the energy efficiency of La Grange. We are a group of eco-conscious consumers from Dallas Green Green Drinks, and we like our spending to do good.

Campaign Impact

The first Carrotmob in Texas was a BIG hit! The Deep Ellum bar made 300% of their normal sales. The total netted after comps and coupons was $3,650 which left them with a commitment to spend $2,980 on energy efficiency improvements. But the owners decided to accept several recommendations, and spent a total of $3,020 for all the products and services! Here are some of the things they did:
-Installed Solar Screening on the front windows
-Replaced all fluorescent bulbs with natural light LED bulb
-Installed an outdoor bike rack

News from the organizers

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