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24grad helps Costa Rica coffee planters


IF we buy as much coffee, cake and cookies as possible


THEN the coffeeshop will spend 25% of carrotmob revenues to the coffee planters' initiative Coopedota in Costa Rica.


17 Nov 2011
11:00AM - 07:00PM


24grad Kaffeerösterei (Map)
Engelbosteler Damm 52
30167 Hanover, Germany

Organized by Nisha Gulati

Customer and coffee-fan Michael Demus asked the owners of "24grad" (24th degree) for an agreement to support a climate project at one of their suppliers from overseas.

Campaign Impact

We had an awesome event. We doubled the usual number of customers and the sales. All $320 spend were given to the initiative Coopedota in Costa Rica. They used it to implement a new climateneutral coffee certification system. This event was supported by the local Green party.

News from the organizers

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