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The History of Carrotmob

Chapter 1: The Inception In which Carrotmob founder Brent Schulkin offers a personal reflection on how and why the Carrotmob idea came to exist. Chapter 2: The First Campaign In which the Carrotmob idea is developed and tested for the first time. Chapter 3: Starting Virgance In which Carrotmob becomes part of an incubator company called Virgance. Chapter 4: The Circus In which Virgance quickly grows to pursue many projects and we investigate various paths for Carrotmob. Chapter 5: The Desert In which Carrotmob wanders the desert, spending 6 months with very little support. Chapter 6: Rebuilding In which Carrotmob incorporates as a non-profit and is finally able to develop a master plan. Chapter 7: The Brick Wall In which Carrotmob discovers that they cannot legally pursue their plans as a non-profit organization. Chapter 8: A New Hope In which Carrotmob switches back to a for-profit model.

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